Submission Guidelines

Sāhitya, the webjournal of the Comparative Literature Association of India, publishes essays related to any aspect of Comparative Literature. In particular, we welcome contributions that enrich our understanding of the need for holistic and inclusive approach to literature and culture. Essays that respond to current developments in our field nationally or internationally are welcome. We also encourage essays that explore the network of influence, reception and impact that shapes individual literatures, but which often lies unrecognised in our literary culture. Contributors may submit essays, translations and reviews of books and journals related to Comparative Literature for possible publication in Sāhitya. Sāhitya urges its esteemed contributors to keep their work free from plagiarism and use language that does not hurt any section of society. Needless to say, works reflecting bias, hatred and prejudice; racial, religious, sexist and whatsoever are unacceptable.

Articles should meet the following instructions:
1. Only complete articles are accepted as submissions.
2. Articles are expected to have an abstract (100-150 words) and keywords (up to 5).
3. Article length may vary but is preferably between 6,000 and 8,000 words (footnotes, references and appendices included). and should strictly follow MLA style sheet 7 th Edition. For all editorial problems not specifically addressed below, please refer to MLA.
4. Book Reviews should not exceed 1,500 words (MLA 7 format).
5. Written submissions should be in Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx format) Times New Roman 12 Font, line spacing 1.5 and alignment justified.
6. Don’t write your name and affiliation in the written submission. A separate document with the contributor’s name and email, affiliated school or organization and a short biography (50-60 words) should be sent along with the submission.
7. The author(s) should ensure that their name does not appear in the manuscript or creative work, or in the text in a way that will compromise the anonymity of the peer review process. Citations to an author’s/authors’ own works should be made in a way that does not compromise anonymity.
8. Previously published work will not be considered.
9. Do not simultaneously offer your article to another publication.
10. Every submission should be accompanied with Author’s Declaration mentioned in the Website.
11. The author(s) always retains copyright of their work.
12. Texts which are identified as plagiarised will be removed from the journal if they have already been published or its publication will be denied.
13. The contribution will be sent as an attachment addressed to the Editor of Sāhitya to The bionote of the author(s) must also be sent in a separate documentattached in the same mail.

Failure to comply with these instructions may be reason enough for an article to be considered ineligible for Sāhitya.