Telling tall tales: The figure of the storyteller in select Bengali fiction
Aritra Basu

The Structure of ‘On the Other Hand’ in Anton Chekhov and David Foster Wallace
Arghya Ganguly

Beyond Theory: The Necessity of a Pluralist Framework in Comparative Literature
Chinmay Pandharipande and M. Jagadish Babu

Reinterpreting Self and Other through Rāmāyaṇās and their Multifaceted Rāvaṇās
Ruchira Jain

Understanding Gender and Socio-religious Practices of Nepali Society
Rachana Sharma

Tracing the Early Developments of Sahitya Akademi (1954-1960): Is There Something Comparative?
Tias Basu

Translation of Manipuri folktales ShanrembiChaisra and its Cultural elements
ThoudamJomita Devi

Book Review:Asprishya Ganga and Other Stories written by Kolakaluri Enoch andtranslated by Alladi Uma and M. Sridhar. Ratna Books. 2021

Kalyani Samantray

Book Review: A Dynamic Modernity: Adaptation and Parody in Six Twentieth Century Indian Novelsby Seema Bhaduri.Notion Press. 2022

Gopal B. Rao

Book Review: Ramayana: A Comparative Study of Ramakathaswritten by A. Manavalan and translated and edited by C. T. Indra and Prema Jagannathan.Vitasta, 2021

R. Azhagarasan

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Sahitya. Vol. 11. Issue1. June. 2023


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Sāhitya Journal of the Comparative Literature Association of India Vol. 11. 2023.

ISSN: 2249-6416

EDITOR: Prof. Jatindra Kumar Nayak

PUBLISHER: Prof. Chandra Mohan

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