Sahitya. Vol. 8 September. 2019


Editor’s Note

Returning of Chaka to a Star: Impact of Jibanananda Das in Binoy Majumdar’s poetry
Ayan Chatterjee

Canonization and ‘Horizontal comradeship’: the narratives of Indian literature
Bipasha Som

The ‘Unity and Diversity’ Problematic: A Critique of Comparative Literature in India
Ishani Dutta

The Komagata Maru Incident
Ragini Chakraborty

Travelling Across Languages: Translation and Plurilingualism in Interlingual Travel
Saswati Saha

The Victimization of People in a Conflict Ridden Zone: Manipur and Nagaland
Seram Guneshwori Devi

Critiques of Nation and Gender in South Asia:
Akhtaruzzaman Elias’ Khwabnama and Savitri Roy’s Trisrota and Swaralipi

Soma Marik

Adi-dharam and Jharkhandi Culture:
Understanding Adivasi existence in relation to the environmental identity
and environmental heritage of Adivasi-Moolvasi communities of Jharkhand.

Sudeshna Dutta

Re-reading Women’s Writing: ‘Sarika Caged’ and ‘Unpublished Manuscript’
Susmita Ghosh

Hegemonic Historiography vis-a-vis Subversive Politics: A Comparative Study of
Heroic Uprising in India and Africa

Vandana Sharma



Jareela (The Castrato) by Bhalchandra Nemade (translated by Santosh Bhoomkar)
Swagata Bhattacharya


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Sahitya Vol 8, 2019


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