Sahitya. Vol. 6 and 7, March. 2016

Editor’s Note

Forgettable Homecoming: Bengali Writings on Indian Exodus from Burma
Parthasarathi Bhaumik

Intersecting Sexuality and Nationalism: Reading Queerness in Funny Boy
Rittika Dasgupta and Rohit K Dasgupta

Kindness of the White and Happiness of the Black: A Brief Analysis of the 19th Century White American Children’s Literature
Mukulika Dattagupta

Dastan-e Amir Hamza in Text and Performance
Shaheen Saba

From Gitanjali to Song Offerings: Interrogating the Politics of Translation in the Light of Colonial Interaction
Urmi Sengupta


Comparative Literature: Terms and Concepts
Sreejit Datta

At the Crossroads of Culture and Literature
Annapurna Palit

Palaver: Proceedings of the Forum f or the Scholars of African Studies
Mukulika Dattagupta



Bidhar – On the Move by Bhalchandra Nemade; trans. Santosh Bhoomkar
Swagata Bhattacharya

Banaras and Other Poem s by Kedarnath Singh; ed. K. Satchidanandan
Ria Roy Choudhury

Signature by Puviyarasu; trans. K.S. Subramanian
Ritika Batabyal

Carvalho by K.P. Purnachandra Tejaswi; trans. D.A. Shankar
Rindon Kundu

Khauna Mihir’s Mound by Bani Basu; trans. Arunava Sinha
Avishek Rath

Sahitya Vol 6 & 7, 2016
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Numbers 6 & 7 (Double Issue: March, 2016).
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