Sahitya. Vol. 10 September. 2022



Translating Cultures
Indra Nath Choudhuri

Historians and Literary Studies
Soma Marik

Unravelling Mani KaulGÇÖs Satah Se Uthata Aadmi- Reception of Gajanan
Dattatreya Ghosh

Tagore in Hungary A Retrospect of his Literary Genius

The imagination of Southeast Asia in Post-Independent Bengali Travel
Pratim Das

Understanding the conditions of coal coolies as represented in East Indian literature- A study
Aratrika Ganguly

From Folktales to ‘Digitales’: A Comparative Analysis of Folktales and Indian Animated Series in the 93 – 113 21st century
Tanvi Sharma

Representation of Colonialism in Australia in Shaun Tan’s Select Graphic Narratives
Nazneen Hoque

Dusk to Dawn.Book Review
Malashri Lal

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Sahitya Vol 10, 2022.


Sāhitya is a double blind peer-reviewed refereed journal [ISSN 2249-6416] published from Delhi and Kolkata by the Comparative Literature Association of India

Sāhitya Journal of the Comparative Literature Association of India Vol. 10. 2022.

ISSN: 2249-6416

EDITOR: Prof. Jatindra Kumar Nayak

PUBLISHER: Prof. Chandra Mohan

EDITORIAL BOARD: Shivarama Padikkal, Animesh Mohapatra, Rindon Kundu

Published from Delhi and Kolkata by the Comparative Literature Association of India

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