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Rumour, Gossip, and Loneliness: the Nautch-Girl and her Other in The Romance of a Nautch Girl and The Woman in the Bazaar
Arnapurna Rath and Sura P. Rath

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the translation into French to English of the lexical cultuemes Mario Vargas Llosa
María Luisa Rodríguez Muñoz

The Semiosphere of Arthur Avalon’s Mahanirvana Tantra: the first English Translation of a Tantric Text
Ariktam Chatterjee

The Way to the Heart through the Stomach: Reading Communication as Cannibalism in The Lunchbox and Papa no Obento wa Sekai Ichi
Sambhabi Ghosh

“Make her. Do the needful”: A Comparative reading of the language of corporeality in selected short stories of Mahasweta Devi
Paulomi Sharma

Worldliness as Key to the Singularity of Literature: Questioning the General-Particular Framework of Literary Categories
Sounak Das

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Sahitya Vol 9, 2020


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Sāhitya Journal of the Comparative Literature Association of India Vol. 8 (September, 2019).

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